The goal before starting this beautiful journey to BHUTAN was to enjoy to the fullest and to make memories for the entire life time.

As we don’t get to see the India’s neighboring countries so often, that too with such closeness and supreme advantages.

Before visiting that place I didn’t knew that it’s one of the most happiest place on the planet!! The country which is nearly less than the size of Uttar Pradesh, could be so miraculous, and i think that’s why the famous saying “happiness comes in all shapes and sizes” must have come from there!!

This country unlike the other don’t strongly believe in Gross National Product, they focuses more on Gross National Happiness and it ranks 1st in Asia in Happiness Index !

The term “gross national happiness” was coined by the fourth king of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, in the 1970s and from then only they’ve been focusing on GNH.

As the country is entirely situated on the Greater Himalayan range, it’s cold throughout the year except the two three month ( April-May-June).

The places which I covered was the capital, Thimpu, Paro and Phunsling!

There are two modes of transport which we can use to go bhutan.

One can take a flight from Kolkata or Delhi. Bhutan has only one airport which is located at Paro. If somebodys taking flight then one should be ready for the adventurous trip because the runway is situated between the valley , and the valley is very narrow. Just to add little more spice in your trip, the landing at this airport comes in “Top 10 difficult landing in the World”.

They don’t have railways. So the next and last option is to go by roadways. Roads were bad earlier but now they’re pretty safe as they are handled by “Dantak“.

One can enjoy the rides with the bikes too as I earlier mentioned that it’s all on Himalayas, they have beautiful road with curves.

As it’s another country one is required to carry all the documents carefully. They do have toll checking after every 20km!

They have enormous things which will make you feel that you should shift here permanently!! You’ll see their houses are made up of same structure. They follow same pattern of designs. The only point they keep in mind while building their houses is “the more higher their house is , more the powerful the person is!! They even respect their national dress equally!!

The most important thing which you will spot there is the structure of the monasteries they have monasteries in every district unlike our mayor house or governor house! They have monasteries for their official work.

The super famous monastery is Paro Taktsang monastery (also known as Tiger’s Nest) clings to cliffs above the forested Paro Valley. One of the famous river of Bhutan is Paro-cho.

Today, Bhutan is a Buddhist democratic monarchy, quite an interesting combination .

There’s a strict NO to smoking, and to plastic and there lies the reason why it’s so clean. Once you enter the the capital you’ll realise that they don’t have a single traffic light. It’s a simple happy Buddhist country who believes in peace and they even ride their vehicles slowly.

Now let’s come to the important part of travelling “the food culture

they also have the mix culture of vegetarian and non vegetarian. One can easily spot a good veg or non veg restaurant!!

Don’t forget to try the yum yum momo with the soupy thupka!!

It’s indeed one of the most amazing journey which one should take in their lifetime because it’s worth your time. You might just change your goals after visiting Bhutan!


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