Scotland of the East – Shillong

By Sarita Chahar

Scotland of the East – Shillong!!

Wait wait!! Before booking the tickets for the Real Scotland, have you seen the Scotland of the East?

If not then let me take you to this amazing journey of Shillong.

Shillong is the capital of the Meghalaya. It’s one of the beautiful hill in India. So when you’ll enter this breathtaking hill station, you might feel that it looks like Shimla.

As the name of the state suggests “Meghalaya” which means “clouds are coming” in Hindi, and that is why it’s also known as “The Abode of Clouds“.

Now let’s plan how you would like to travel..

As it is a hill station it doesn’t have a airport and nor the railways!!

So now we’ve limited options which will make your entire journey worth.

One can take a State Bus or a taxi from Guwahati and it will take approximately 2-3 hours( depends upon the weather)

On the way you’ll see some of the best views of the world..

Once you reach there… You can easily find some place for accommodation.

Now as it rains there almost everyday… Its very important to carry a umbrella or a raincoat!!

If you starts with the main city..don’t miss the happening “Police Bazar” for shopping and for the yummy food!

Double decker root bridge and single decker root bridge are the compulsions. If you’re visiting Shillong then it should be on your priority list. It will hardly take 2-3 hours of a journey.

Now let’s move to the Most rainiest place in the world..”Cherrapunji” , It’s rains for 200- 250 days per year..and some little shower could be happen anytime.  And from the top one can see the Bangladesh Border!! Yes If the climate is clear you can easily see the Our lovely neighboring country.

The we’ve some of the beautiful waterfalls in Shillong. The seven sisters falls and the elephanta falls are the most popular ones.

Then we’ve the most wanted place on our list..”Shillong Peak or Shillong Point” . One can see entire Shillong from there..but for this you actually need to make some prayers to your god to make the weather clear and if it’s raining then it’s very tough and the visibility reduces to even 20 Meters.

You might feel proud by saying that Meghalaya has Asia’s cleanest village. Don’t forget to go there.

Even for the army lovers it’s a win win show because here you’ll see the Headquarter of Assam Rifles. Assam Rifles is the oldest Paramilitary force in the country and by just seeing the building once can imagine how huge and beautiful it is!

It’s situated on a high hill so one can spot it easily once you’re in the main city.

Don’t worry air force brats..

Shillong has something for you too!!

The Air Forcr Eastern command is also situation in Shillong..once can take a guess by seeing all those jet and planes which are there for show case. This is one of the beautiful air command in the country as well!

“Mountains are love” is a very small and strong sentence.

All the people out there who Love mountains know how it feels to be surrounded by the mountains, the chirpings of birds, the peace, the cold cold air..    and one’s never gonna get disappointed once you leave this valley.

By Sarita Chahar

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